Hi! We are a dynamic design team based in Taiwan. We embrace the kidult spirit of ‘I just like it!’, ‘I will do it myself’, and turns our playful ideas into functional products. Under our two brands – 25TOGO DESIGN and BALL SOCKS – we create products that are fun, clever, and put a big smile on your face. We believe growing up doesn’t mean saying goodbye to our inner child, and we ought to stay eager to explore, to discover the fun in everyday life. So now come on! Step into our world, let’s be a kidult!



A spark started in 25.

‘25togo’ was first known as a blog. The blog went online in 2004 when there weren’t many design or lifestyle publications in Taiwan. It was also a time when the term ‘design’ was perceived by most people as ‘the beautiful objects for the rich’ or ‘a colleague department of youngsters’. Given with such background, the blog gradually accumulated popularity by its quick updates  (at least one post every day) and its distinctive point of views (not re-posts). 3 years later, encouraged by the blog followers, the blogger became the founder of the design company 25TOGO DESIGN – named after the blog which seemed to be the beginning of everything that followed.

A design agency, and a product brand, and a store.

At initial stage, the company had only 3 people and the revenues were mostly generated from the design projects of various clients. But soon thanks for the market success of our No. 8 product, MY DOCUMENT laptop series, the company decided to shift business focus to developing products under the brand 25TOGO DESIGN. However taking products to market in Taiwan didn’t go as smoothly as we expected. In fact, there were very few design retailers selling local designers’ products.  To fill up the gap to reach the customers, we decided to open our first design shop in Tainan city and our first design online shop in 2008. We had luck again. It seemed that both the market and many other young designers had been longed for such store – a store ‘of designers, by designers, and for design lovers’. Now 25TOGO has multiple roles. As a design agency, we welcome interesting projects; as a product brand, we pick up good ideas and make them into real-life creations; as a store, we introduce good designs from both local and international designers to our lovely customers.

And an ice cream shop, and a little gallery. 

As we can’t stop our new ideas, we can’t stop trying new things. In 2012, we opened a new store, 25TOGO Bright, in Kaohsiung, right next to the popular Pier 2 Art Center. Unlike other stores, it’s a 4-floor building. This time, we set up a home-made ice cream shop on the 1st floor, a design shop on the second, and a little gallery space on the third. We want to share with our customers not just what we use as everyday objects, but also what we love to eat, and what we love about exhibitions as a door to possibilities.

Our Team

Our team now has 14 members, including 5 full-time designers from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. In summer, we have intern students from all around the world to join us. Each Wednesday is our BIG IDEA Day. On this day, designers and intern students present their new product ideas with sketches. Almost all 25TOGO products came from here. On this day, everyone fully enjoys the right of free speech. Whatever crazy, stupid and non-sense ideas will be appreciated (if not by applauses, at least by laughs). New designers may comprehend it as ‘homework day’, we senior designers would call it ‘an excellent tradition with delightful struggles’.

Form follows fun. 

We love new challenges! Apart from products and stores, we also involve in other types of projects- Making exhibited work for “100 Years Before The Birth of Doraemon”; designing the window display of “Mt-tape fair” with Eslite bookstore; installing an eye-catching “BALL SOCKS pipe” at Taiwanese designers’ week; collaborating with the illustration artist on co-branded products; co-curating an art exhibition of Japanese young artists, “Colors to go”; launching an exhibition tour of “SUCK IDEA AWARD”…etc.

So if you got an exciting idea and you think we might be part of your great picture, please definitely invite us to your game! Let’s play!