sticky note Brick_05

Brick-lliant sticky notes.

Why not build your dream castle with BRICK sticky notes? From now on, every written memo is a brick to build your master piece. By pasting a piece of sticky note over another on the wall, you can be a master architect. BRCIK sticky notes consist of 100 pieces of short notes (5cmx4.2cm) and 100 pieces of long notes (10cmx4.2cm). Choose your color, nostalgic red or elegant gray, and start personalizing your space!

Red, Gray
Short Note : L 5cm W 4.2cm D 0.01cm
Long Note : L 10cm W 4.2cm D 0.01cm
Weight : 58g
Material : 80P Simili Paper
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 piece of 100 Long Notes and 100 Shorts Notes
Dimensions : L 16.7cm W 4.6cm D 1cm
Weight : 60g
Package : Contraction Film

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