umbrella GOGGLES_1

An umbrella with built-in goggle and periscope.

Take GOGGLE umbrella for a risk-free and playful journey in rainy days! The goggle-shaped lens on the umbrella not only enables clear vision but also serves as a magical window through which you may start your secret field trip projects. The visor-like shed provides its user personal space and also strong protection against stormy weather. The periscope-like cap on the umbrella top is designed with hexagonal facets and friction-reducing texture to help the umbrella stand still against the wall when it's closed.

Yellow, Gray
Dimensions : L 85cm W14cm D 3.5cm
Canopy Diameter : 78cm
Weight : 400g
Material : Iron, PVC, Nylon Fabric
Production : Made in China
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 85cm W14cm D 3.5cm
Weight : 405g
Package : PP Bag

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