piggy bank HUNGRY_16

Save money 25 times faster with HUNGRY piggy bank.

Most piggy banks have only one coin slot. What if it's not enough to put in all your wishes? Turn to HUNGRY piggy bank for help. It has 25 coins slots all over its body for coins of various sizes and thickness. Saving money in a piggy bank with 25 times more slots should fulfill your dreams 25 times sooner! When the day comes, unplug the rubber stopper on the bottom and trade your savings for true valuables.

White, Gray, Black
Dimensions : L 17.5cm W 11.5cm D 12.5cm
Weight : 520g
Material : Procelain
Stopper : Detachable Silicone Stopper*1 Included
Production : Made in China
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 22.9cm W 15.7cm D 17cm
Weight : 600g
Package : E-Flute Carton, Shock-Resistant Sponge

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