storage bear LITTLE B_1

A mini version of MR.B JR, who feeds only truly beloved objects.

LITTLE B storage bear, like your childhood ‘treasure box’ collects your beloved objects. Whether it be a XMAS gift from grand-mom, a concert ticket for celebrating 18-year-old birthday, or an engagement ring for the future true love, feed them all the LITTLE B. Made of DuPont™ Tyvek, LITTLE B has the smooth texture of paper, the breathing softness of fabric and the endurable quality of plastic films. The material grows crinkles with time, just like the wrinkles of an old dear friend.

Brown, Dark Blue
Dimensions : L 24cm W 20cm D 18cm (Stuffed)
Weight : 22g
Material : Tyvek
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Piece Unassembled
Dimensions : L 16.5cm W 12.2cm D 6.3cm
Weight : 108g (Including Filling Paper)
Filling Paper : 20 Pieces Tissue Paper
Package : Carton

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