messenger bag MESSAGE_01

Giant envelope messenger bag.

Fixed-gear riding, originated from the U.S. bicycle messengers in the last century, has become a global thriving subculture that’s often associated with urban rebellion and liberation. MESSAGE is a salute to this fascinating ‘fixie’ trend. The bag is like a big envelope. On one side is the look of an email icon; on the other is that of a traditional envelope. With or without a bike, carrying MESSAGE is making a statement.

White, Yellow
Dimensions : L 46.5cm W 32cm D 14cm
Weight : 1265g
Material : Highly Waterproof Nylon Cloth
Production : Made in China
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 60cm W 44cm D 14cm
Weight : 1280g
Package : Unwoven Fabric Dustproof Bag

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