storage bear mrb_03

The bear’s belly becomes the visible storage space for your treasures. 

MR.B storage bear, like your childhood ‘treasure box’, collects objects of memories or whatever is difficult to let go. Whether it be a blanket of childhood, a ticket from a journey, or a grocery shop receipt, feed them all to MR.B. Made of eco-friendly material TPU, he is also waterproof, dustproof, and scratchproof. Of patchwork done by experienced crafts masters, MR.B is strong and is endurable enough to be your lifetime buddy.

Dimensions : L 49.5cm W 38cm D 37cm (Stuffed)
Weight : 320g
Material : Eco-TPU
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Piece Unassembled
Dimensions : L 20.5cm W 18cm D 11.1cm
Weight : 446g
Package : Carton

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