earphone PAPERCLIP_12

Simply clip and enjoy the music nonstop!  

PAPERCLIP earphone is here to solve the problems of swinging cords and cord storage. Once you put on the earphone, use the paperclip device to ‘wear’ the cord on collars, pockets, or bag belts to prevent it from tangling, swinging or falling. The paperclip device can be moved upwards or downwards so that you can keep it at exact height as you want it to be. Lay back, hit PLAY, and enjoy the music delivered to your ears. Coil up the cord around the paperclip after use is also easy.

Gold, Silver, Black, White
Dimensions : Cable
Length 135cm W 3cm D 1cm
Paperclip : L 6.2cm W 2.9cm D.5cm
Weight : 15g
Material : Allumini Alloy, PC, Silicone
Diver Diameter : 10mm
Sensitivity : 103 dB/mW
Frequency Response : 20-20,000Hz
Connector : 3.5mm Stereo Gold-Plated
Production : Made in China
Warranty : 1-year Conditional Warranty
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 14.5cm W 5.5cm D 3.5cm
Weight: 60g
Earphone buds : 3 Soft Silicone Buds in S, M, and L Size Included.
Package : PVC, Foam

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