POINTING FINGER bookmark points and you read. It's that easy!

Any bookmark may tell you the pages but only POINTING FINGER can tell you the exact line of your last reading no matter the text are vertical or horizontal. The plots develop smoothly. The atmosphere is regained quickly. Binding on the book pages, POINTING FINGER is not easy to get lost while reminding you the book is yet to finish. Made of elastic material and with the Y-shape design, POITING FINGER goes well with most books in various sizes and thickness.

Yellow, Blue, Pink
Dimensions : L 21cm W 3.2cm D 0.3cm
Circumference : 42cm
Weight : 9g
Material : Environmental-Friendly Silicone
Production : Made in China
Certificate : CE
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 28cm W 5.7cm D 0.5cm
Weight : 30g
Package : PVC Case

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