mobile phone holder RockingHorse_01

A childhood dream toy turns your desk into the new playground.

When mobile phones become your new toys, let ROCKING HORSE rock your childlike hearts! Sit your mobile phone on the rocking horse and unleash your mind. Made of top Brazilian calf, ROCKING HORSE has a polished and smooth surface. The high quality hemline, rivet, and hem finish are all professionally done by experienced crafts masters. The room of the saddle (length 6.2cm width 2.3cm) is big enough for iPhone and most mobile phones.

Brown, Black
Dimensions : L 14.5cm W 7.5cm D 12cm
Weight : 35g
Material : Top Brazilian Calf
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Piece Assembled
Dimensions : L 15.5cm W 8.5cm D 12.5cm
Weight : 95g
Package : Carton

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