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Draw to learn about somebody famous and their quotes.

SOMEBODY? is a paint-by-number notebook for you to learn famous quotes in a fun way. On the left page is a famous quote from an unknown source. To find out the answer, please take a pen and follow the hints of “numbers.”
0- Leave them blank. 1- Fill them up with a color, stripes, etc.
Can you see whose quote is it now? After spending so much time getting the answer, how could you possibly forget it? Now let’s make a pixel art tribute to the 21 celebrities in the notebook!

Marilyn Monroe : Red, Philippe Starck : Brown
Dimensions : L 20.2cm W 14.6cm D 1.2cm
Page : 128 pages
Weight : 300g
Material : High-density Glazed Printing Paper
Production : Printed in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 20.2cm W 14.6cm D 1.2cm
Weight: 305g
Package : Contraction Film

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