wrist watch TEMPO_01

The concept of time perception on a watch.

Do quick people and slow people have different sense of time? Through the differentiated designs of the hands’ colors, two totally different senses of time are created. Time seems faster with ALLEGRO because you immediately notice the distinct red second hand is ticking non-stop. Time seems slower with LENTO because you hardly notice the moves of hands.

Black : Allegro, White : Lento
Dimensions : L23.5cm W 4cm D 0.8cm
Weight : 80g
Material : Japanese Quartz Movement, Silicone Band, Stainless Steel Case, Consolidated Mineral Crystal
Production : Made in Hong Kong
Battery : 1.55v Silver Oxide Battery
Warranty : 1-year Conditional Warranty
Unit : 1 Piece
Allegro : L 11.5cm W 11.5cm H 11.5cm
Lento : L 11.5cm W 9cm H 10cm
Weight : 120g
Package : Cardboard Case, Foam


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