eraser Tooth_01

Tooth eraser gets cavity too.

Seeing the dentist is a childhood nightmare. Now you can get revenge on these little white menaces. TOOTH is a cute, giant tooth made from rubber. Each time you use it to erase pencil marks, TOOTH gets more darkened spots that looks just like a cavity. Now you can rub them, grid them, perform your own root canal surgery on them without feeling the pain!

Dimensions : L 2.3cm W 2.3cm D 3.4cm
Weight : 20g
Material : Rubber
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Piece
Dimensions : L 2.8cm W 2.8cm D 4cm
Weight : 22g
Package : PVC Case

Unit : 1 Box of 50 pieces
Dimensions : L 15cm W 15cm D 8cm
Weight : 1200g
Package : Carton

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