file pack Transformer_02

How convenient! A file folder and a box in one.

TRANSFORMER can be assembled into either a flat file folder or a carrying box in just a few steps, allowing the flexible use according to the amount of files. The set contains 3 pieces, each has a imaginary purpose- the blue one for housing a puppy or an elephant; the orange one for packing up office objects or the boss’s wigs; the green one for recycling paper. Got tired of the never-changing office work? Fold up a TRANSFORMER and re-organize your desk.

Dimensions : L 33cm W 25cm D 0.5cm
Weight : 150g
Material : 300P Canada Kraft Paper
Production : Made in Taiwan
Unit : 1 Set Package of 3 Pieces
Dimensions : L 33cm W 25cm D 1.5cm
Weight : 480g
Package : 250 Clay Coated Paper Holder with Handle

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